Hi Paul, Sean,

On Thu, Dec 15, 2011 at 3:09 PM, Paul Gordon <gord...@ucalgary.ca> wrote:
> Excellent idea, and the BibTeX comment makes sense too...

I'm glad there is enthusiasm for the basic idea :)

However, while I am a LaTeX and BibTeX user and fan, I
really don't think BibTex is an appropriate choice for embedding
a citation within the Galaxy tool XML files. Let's face it, BibTeX
is not mainstream and would be an additional hurdle for tool
authors to add their citations. I think it has to be XML based.

Now this could be something incredibly simple, with
just a DOI tag/attribute and a plain text citation string.
But I suspect there is a suitable existing XML standard
we should adopt. Maybe citations using RDFa?

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