Hi All,

What is the best way to link data from multiple data sets with the least user 

The files in each dataset have links to the filenames which were used to 
generate them, which are valid names of other galaxy datasets in the file 

The only way I can see is to write a visualization tool, where the user has to 
manually select each dataset that was used along the workflow, however in my 
sample workflow this is 11 files with 4 different data types.

I have a script which you can pass the filename of the last file generated, and 
when run from a command line shell will successfully load up all datasets used 
throughout the workflow. If run on the same computer as a display application, 
this works fine, however if the display application is hosted on an external 
server I need to be able to generate links to all the required files.

The method of invoking this display application/visualisation is not a concern, 
however it would be nice if the user didn't have to manually select all the 
files used and what they were, when the information is already available.

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