I am trying to pass some key-value pairs to the result of a tool (such as the 
original sample name) but I cannot find a way to do this in the galaxy XML tool 

I am simply trying to retain in all the data files I produce, the name of the 
original sample which the results are related to.
Now I have to follow the history of a result just to see which original data 
file sample my results came from (and when using hidden files, this is almost 
impossible, since all results refer to some arbitrary number my data set had 
("Tophat on data 30" is not going to help me, if I have 140 samples with all 
the same name)...

Is there some way to pass some key-value pairs to a tools output? Can tags be 
assigned in the Tool definition? Can I set metadata tags programmatically?

Any help would be appreciated...


Thon de Boer, Ph.D.
Bioinformatics Guru
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