Hello all,

I am trying to configure an Asynchronous tool (I can get it to work 

My configuration looks something like this for the tool:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<tool name="mytoolname" id="myunique_tool_id_1" tool_type="data_source_async">
        <description>mytool description</description>
        <command interpreter="python">data_source.py $output 
        <inputs action="http://myurl"; check_values="false" method="post">
            <display>Go to MyTool $GALAXY_URL</display>
            <request_param galaxy_name="URL_method" remote_name="URL_method" 
missing="post" />
            <request_param galaxy_name="URL" remote_name="URL" missing="" />
            <request_param galaxy_name="jobname" remote_name="jobname" 
missing="N/A" />
<uihints minwidth="800"/>
            <data name="output" format="zip" />
        <options sanitize="False" refresh="True"/>

This works fine and downloads the data, but I was expecting Galaxy to post 
another GALAXY_URL parameter for me to generate the data and than post back to 
Galaxy once done.  This is described here...


However, I never receive “another” GALAXY_URL as descripbed in Step 1 of the 
Asynchronous data depositing section.

I am using the most recent version of Galaxy.

Can someone please show an example?

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