On Mon, Jan 9, 2012 at 9:12 AM, Dannon Baker <dannonba...@me.com> wrote:
> Carlos,
> The method you describe below for mapping inputs is precisely the intended 
> approach.  One reason for the long identifier being used instead of a simple 
> step number is that step number (ordering as you would see in the usual run 
> workflow dialog) can change without it being obvious to the user.  The 
> ordering is based on two factors- a topological sort of the workflow graph, 
> and the distance within the editor from the top left corner.  In other words, 
> it's possible to edit a workflow in display position only (drag the boxes 
> around) and change step numbers.  One approach here would be to use the step 
> label ('label': 'Left-hand Reads') in your case and programmatically fetch 
> and use the input id.

Thanks for your response, is nice to get a confirmation I'm on the
right track. I'll look into using the label.

> For your last issue-- that library dataset is actually marked as deleted on 
> main, so the error is appropriate.  I'm not yet sure why that is the case, 
> but I'll look into it.  If you retry the operation on a known non-deleted 
> library dataset everything should work just fine.

Oh, I always try to use data from the shared libraries when testing my
workflows on main or test server, this one is from "Illumina iDEA
Datasets (sub-sampled)". I didn't realized it could have been deleted
but still show in the data library.

Thanks again,

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