On Jan 9, 2012, at 7:45 PM, Derrick LIN wrote:

Hi guys,

I am trying to configure our test galaxy to run on our SGE cluster 

This is my first time to come across to drmaa, so a bit confused.

I installed teh galaxy on a NFS location where can be accessed clsuter-wide. I 
have configured in universe_wsgi.ini:

start_job_runners = drmaa
default_cluster_job_runner = drmaa:///

and export the libdrmaa path:
export DRMAA_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/sge/lib/lx-amd64/libdrmaa.so.1.0

Sound like that's all. But I am not sure how galaxy can actually bind to my 
cluster? Anywhere I need to specify the qmaster URL etc?

Or simply configure galaxy host to be a submission host of the cluster, the 
galaxy will fetch all information by itself?

That's right Derrick. The galaxy host needs to configured as a submit host for 
the main qmaster.


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