Hello, everyone.

I'm working on a Condor job-runner module for Galaxy that can provide better 
integration than the existing drmaa module. I'm sure I'll have many questions 
as I work on this module, but I have just a few to start with:

* What versions of Python does Galaxy support (i.e. which newer features of 
Python do I need to avoid)?

* What is the status of the 'staged' cluster deployment? The wiki says it's not 
in active use or development. But our Condor cluster doesn't have a shared 
filesystem, so we need to stage data files to/from the execute nodes.

* The wiki also says that even with the staged cluster deployment, a shared 
directory (galaxy_dist/database/tmp by default) is required for some tools. 
These tools write temporary files on the Galaxy server and read them on the 
execute node. Does anyone know which tools those are? Are these files ever 
written after the job is handed to the batch system? Do these tools write files 
into galaxy_dist/database/tmp on the execute ndoes and read the files on the 
Galaxy server?

Thanks and regards,
Jaime Frey
UW-Madison Condor Team

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