Hello Shaun,

Would this tool generate the type of statistics you are interested in?

NGS: Picard (beta) -> Insertion size metrics for PAIRED data

Another option is to convert the BAM alignments to SAM and then interval format, then use "Operate on Genomic Intervals -> Cluster", followed by "Base Coverage of all intervals ", but this would be grouping the data, not providing statistics per paired read set.

Hopefully one of these will work out for you or another useful idea will be suggested,


Galaxy team

On 2/1/12 5:33 AM, SHAUN WEBB wrote:

Hi all.

I am analysing paired end chip-seq samples. With single end reads I have
seen people extend reads by an inferred insert size and then create
coverage files in wig format.

I was wondering if there are any tools available for paired end data
that will create a coverage file by looking at properly mapped paired
ends in a bam file and extending coverage across the distance between them.

Shaun Webb

Jennifer Jackson
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