We've been running into an issue when attempting to create a new toolshed tool. 
 We have the toolshed and the main galaxy web app setup and running, but 
updating our tool to the latest version always fails.

When clicking "Get updates" on our installed tool we find that the initial 
request is sent fine to the community application, but the reply is missing a 
slash after the galaxy url.  This causes the request to fail.

Our solution to this problem was to modify 
lib/galaxy/webapps/community/controllers/repository.py on line 795 to include a 
slash after the galaxy url.  

After we did this though we encountered another problem .. this time in 
lib/galaxy/web/controllers/admin_toolshed.py .  In this case there is a named 
parameter to a method but the name of the parameter does not match the method 
definition.  The problem was on 688 where "name = name" should read 

After making these changes the get updates function seems to work fine. 

Hope this helps.

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