Hi Shaun,

> Restricting datasets to show only the first megabyte is a great idea when 
> dealing with large data files but sometimes I want to see the end of a file 
> to check it is complete or to check the progress of a running job. At the 
> moment I use the helper script to find the file on the server and then use 
> tail. Would it be possible to add a button in the dataset view (next to "show 
> all" and "save") that allows you to see the end of the file?

This is a good idea.

> Ideally I would like to have a large area to add notes while still being able 
> to view datasets. Perhaps turning on annotation could split the main pane in 
> to 2 areas with adjustable size with an annotation area on the bottom?
> Maybe there would be a way to link Galaxy pages directly to histories? I'm 
> not sure what the best way to implement this would be but I'd like to see an 
> improvement.

A larger annotation area--with a fully-featured editor like that in Pages--is 
also a good idea. 

However, there are no immediate plans to implement either of these ideas in the 
near future. Community contributions are always welcome, though.


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