Dear all,

I'm working on a tool wrapper which for a sequence scoring tool.
It's supposed to score sequences either using a library installed to
galaxy (tool-data/models.loc) or datasets from the user history.

I tried to implement this behavior using the <conditional> / <when
value> mechanism, simplified code follows below.

Using locally installed models (from models.loc) fails with "NotFound:
cannot find 'models'", although in the details view of the failed tool
run "model database" points to the right file.

Using the model file from the history works.

Defining _only_ locally installed models from models.loc also works
(removing the <conditional> stuff and leaving only the part inside <when
value='local'> </when>).

The commandline might look a bit strange but is correct.

Can anybody spot what is going wrong here?



  calcModels --scoreFasta -- --fa $fasta_in --bgFa $fasta_background
  --models $models > $output_table

  <param format="fasta" name="fasta_in" type="data" label="Input Fasta
File" />

  <param format="fasta" name="fasta_background" type="data"
label="Background Fasta File" />

  <conditional name="ModelSource">
    <param name="models" type="select" label="model source"
help="History or installed models?" value="local">
      <option value="local">Locally installed models</option>
      <option value="history">Models from your history</option>

    <when value="local">
      <param name="models" type="select" label="model database">
        <options from_file="models.loc">
          <column name="name" index="1"/>
          <column name="value" index="2"/>

    <when value="history">
      <param name="models" type="data" format="tabular" label="model
database" />

Dr. Holger Klein
Core Facility Bioinformatics
Institute of Molecular Biology gGmbH (IMB)
Tel: +49(6131) 39 21511
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