Dear colleagues,

I have been struggling with this issue for quite a while now, and I don't seem to find a solution (neither in situ nor in webo).

here it is:

Because of the confidentiality of our data, I have setup both a Galaxy server and a UCSC Genome Browser locally on my server. Both are run through Apache, using the same .htpasswd authentication method and file (ie: same usernmae/password combo for each).

Everything works great except that I do not seem to be able to send/receive data from Galaxy to UCSC and vice versa.

When I try to "get data" from UCSC main (my local instance), I get the followin error:

"Tool execution generated the following error message:
The remote data source application may be off line, please try again later. Error: EOF when reading a line
The tool produced the following additional output:
Enter username for SG at"

where SG is the AuthName in vhost.conf and is UCSC's IP.

Whenever I try to to send data to UCSC ("Display at UCSC main" in the history boxes), I get this guy:
"Expected 200
401 Authorization Required"

Where is galaxy's IP.

I have:
- hardcoded username:passowrd on UCSC's "send to galaxy" routine but to no avail - hardcode username:passowrd on Galaxy's definiton of UCSC's "main" URL, but to no avail
- I have removed UCSC authentication, and everything works fine
- I have kept UCSC authentication and let Galaxy "open", doesn't work
- I remove authentication to both servers, and it all works cool.

Somehow, Galaxy doesn't like to talk to a protected UCSC browser.

I'll be happy to post my vhost.conf files if needed.

Can anyone help, please?

Thanks a lot,


Federico De Masi, PhD,
Assistant Professor
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Center for Biological Sequence Analysis - CBS
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