I managed to add a new tool coded in bash but I am having some difficulty adding a tool coded in python.

Here are the contents of the test files:
* Content of test.xml file in galaxy/galaxy-dist/tools/test/test.xml :
<tool id="test" name="Test name">
 <description>Test description</description>
 <command interpreter="python">test.py</command>

* Content of test.py file in galaxy/galaxy-dist/tools/test/test.py :

import os

for param in os.environ.keys():
   print "%20s %s" % (param,os.environ[param])

* Content of tool_conf_xml file in galaxy/galaxy-dist/ :
<?xml version="1.0"?>
 <section name="Get Data" id="getext">
<tool file="test/test.xml" /> <tool file="uploadFile/uploadFile.xml" />
   <tool file="data_source/upload.xml"/>
   <tool file="data_source/ucsc_tablebrowser.xml" />
   <tool file="data_source/ucsc_tablebrowser_test.xml" />......

Could you, please, explain me why the new tool "test" isn't avalaible in Tools/Get Data windows (on the left, before uploadFile and upload tools ) ?

Thanks in advance,

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