Hello all,

I've noticed we have about a dozen stalled upload jobs on our server
from several users. e.g.

Job ID  User    Last Update     Tool    State   Command Line    Job Runner      
PID/Cluster ID
2352    xxxx    21 hours ago    upload1         upload  None    None    None
2339    yyyy    19 hours ago    upload1         upload  None    None    None

The job numbers are consecutive (2339 to 2352) and reflect a problem
for a couple of hours yesterday morning. I believe this was due to the
underlying file system being unmounted (without restarting Galaxy),
and at the time restarting Galaxy fixed uploading files. Test jobs
since then have completed normally - but these zombie jobs remain.

Using the "Stop jobs" option does not clear these dead upload jobs.

Restarting the Galaxy server does not clear them either.

This is our production server and was running galaxy-dist, changeset
5743:720455407d1c - which I have now updated to the current release,
6621:26920e20157f - which makes no difference to these stalled jobs.

Does anyone have any insight into what might be wrong, and how to get
rid of these zombie tasks?


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