Dear list,

I am trying to deploy Galaxy as an environment for proteomics tools in amazon's EC2 cloud, probably/preferably via Cloudman. I have used both the biocloudcentral portal and a manual approach to set up cloudman/galaxy, but run into the same error message which seems to start with a problem with a snapshot that does not exist:

 * 15:16:05 - PostgreSQL data directory '/mnt/galaxyData/pgsql/data'
   does not exist (yet?)
 * 15:16:26 - Error creating volume: EC2ResponseError: 400 Bad Request
   |InvalidSnapshot.NotFound|The snapshot 'snap-b28be9d5' does not
   exist.---some long identifier---
 * 15:16:26 - Error adding filesystem service 'Filesystem-galaxyTools':
   'NoneType' object has no attribute 'id'
 * 15:16:26 - STATUS CHECK: File system named 'galaxyTools' is not
   mounted. Error code 0
 * 15:16:37 - Error mounting file system '/mnt/galaxyData' from
   '/dev/xvdg2', running command '/bin/mount /dev/xvdg2
   /mnt/galaxyData' returned code '32' and following stderr: 'mount:
   you must specify the filesystem type '

My instance type is t1.micro (testing on AWS free tier), but I've tried m1.large, and that didn't help. I noted that the snapshot ID is always the same. Since the AMI is from March 2011 (at least the one I select manually), I assume that I have something wrong in my settings or that Amazon has changed something somewhere.

Jorrit Boekel
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