Hi Brad

I did not restart the master CloudMan node.
I only restarted the services (Galaxy, PostgreSQL and SGE).
I do not have these problems without  creating the logical volume.

Kind Regards

I'm hoping Enis can jump in here since he is more familiar with the
internals of CloudMan and may be able to offer better advice. I can tell
you what I see from your error messages.

> I used LVM2 to create the logical volume.

Does this involve stopping and restarting the master CloudMan node? The
error messages you are seeing look like SGE is missing or not properly
configured on the master node:

> 02/15/2012 11:22:08|  main|domU-12-31-39-0A-62-12|E|error opening file
> "/opt/sge/default/common/./sched_configuration" for reading: No such
> file or directory
> DeniedByDrmException: code 17: error: no suitable queues

which is causing the job submission to fail since it can't find the SGE
cluster environment to submit to. The strange thing is that SGE is
present in /opt on the main EBS store, so I wouldn't expect your
modified /mnt/galaxyData volume to influence this.

Since starting worker nodes appears to be fine, I'd focus on the main
instance manipulations you are doing. Perhaps some of the setup causes
the problem without creating the logical volume? This could help narrow
down the issue and hopefully get you running again.

Hope this helps,

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