Dear list,

Our lab's proteomics data is frequently outputted into >50 files containing different fractions of proteins. The files are locally stored and not present on the Galaxy server. We've planned to somehow (inside galaxy) merge these files and split them into tasks so they can be run on the cluster. We would either merge/split the files by concatenation, or untar/tar files at every job, depending on filetype and tool. No problems so far.

However, I have been looking around for a way to upload >50 files simultaneously to galaxy and convert to one dataset, and this does not seem to be supported. Before starting to create a hack to make this work, which doesn't seem especially trivial to me, I'd like to know if I should instead use libraries. From what I've seen, libraries are not treated as datasets in Galaxy but rather contain datasets. If there was a "tar all sets in library and import to history" I'd be using that, but I've only encountered "tar/zip sets and download locally" which would be a bit of a workaround.

I haven't found much on this subject in the mailing list, has this functionality been requested before?

jorrit boekel
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