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I would also like the +1 this feature.  I currently use the "clone"
feature of a workflow to make a copy and modify, but if I change the
original workflow, I think have to remember which workflows I cloned into
and hand modify them as well.  If we had the ability to re-use workflows,
then we could develop modules that could be re-used in larger workflows.

Thanks much for the consideration,


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>Subject: [galaxy-dev] Using complete workflow in another workflow
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>How far along are we about thinking about being able to re-use a complete
>workflow as a workflow step in another workflow?
>This would really allow us to modularize certain aspects of the analyses
>and would allow us to re-use a workflow in another.
>Barring that, a simple copy/paste from one workflow into another would
>also really help...
>Any plans in that direction?
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