Hi all,

I just debugged a problem one of our users was having filtering BLAST
tabular output using the "Filter" tool (version 1.1.0), where it was
accepting 100% of the data.

He had entered the filter condition as: 'c8-c7>=0.8*c23'

If you know how the tool works internally (essentially evaluating the
string as a Python expression where c1 etc are variables), you can
guess what happened. This evaluates as a non-empty string, which
Python regards as True. Therefore every row in the file was accepted.

What he should have used was  'c8-c7>=0.8*c23' without the quotes.

I think this is an easy mistake to make, especially if copy & pasting
an example from documentation. Can Galaxy do anything about this?

Note that a simple hack to remove leading and closing quote characters
would break some valid use cases, e.g. 'gi:' + c1 == c2 + '|D1', where
there happens to be a quote character at the start and end.

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