Hi everyone. I've set up a galaxy production environment and it seems to be 
I've identified a couple of issues though:

If I enable apache_xsendfile, the little "eye" icon ("Display data in browser") 
on each dataset stops working. I get the following instead:

The requested URL /datasets/7e93e3cf926fb2b3/display/ was not found on this 

My document root is not the same as the galaxy root (as suggested). Everything 
else seems to work. Is this a bug?

Second question:

I want to rotate the galaxy log file (as specified with paster.py serve 
--log-file. I can't find a way to reopen the logfile in galaxy without taking 
down the whole service, or a way to redirect the log to a pipe together while 
using --daemon.

I cannot let the file grow forever.
Any suggestions?

Right now I've setup logrotate to "copytruncate" the log (the log is opened in 
append anyway), but it's not a very nice solution. Does "paster" support some 
standard signal such as SIGUSR1 to re-open log files?


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