On Mar 12, 2012, at 5:15 PM, jiechenable1...@gmail.com wrote:

> Dear Nate,
> Sorry to trouble you. I know that you are busy, but this problem has annoyed 
> me for couple days. Please help.
> I want to enable uploading via ftp for my local Galaxy instance. I followed 
> the instructions under the wiki page strictly. However it doesn't work.
> What i did:
> 1) set the directive "ftp_upload_dir = 
> /home/jjc25/central/galaxy-central/database/ftp/" in the universe_wsgi.ini
> 2)set the directive "ftp_upload_site ="
> 3)created the database user galaxyftp and granted select access to it
> 4)copied and pasted the proftpd configuration file on the page 
> (http://wiki.g2.bx.psu.edu/Admin/Config/Upload%20via%20FTP) and only modified 
> the directive "SQLConnectInfo                  galax...@dbserver.example.org 
> dbuser dbpassword" to my own settings, which is "SQLConnectInfo               
>    galaxydb@localhost galaxyftp mypassword"
> 6)restart proftpd by "sudo service proftpd restart"
> -> here comes the error: "Fatal: unknown configuration directive 
> 'SQLPasswordEngine' on line 43 of '/etc/proftpd/proftpd.conf'
> I can't restart the ftp server because some unknown reasons. Can you help me 
> out please. A lot of thanks.
> By the way, i am using the copy of Galaxy with id : changeset:   
> 6818:48b64ce958b4
> Look forward to your reply.
> Thanks,

Hi Jie,

It looks like your ProFTPd server does not include the mod_sql_passwd module.  
We compile ours by hand, so I can't tell you whether or not any of the 
prepackaged versions for Linux have a way to install a precompiled version of 
that module.  I do see that there is not a separate package for 
proftpd-mod-sqlpasswd (or similar) in Debian, but that you might be able to 
build it if you install proftpd-dev.

I've updated the wiki page to include information about how we compile ProFTPd.

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