I've got an implementation of some proteomics tools going well in Galaxy on
AWS EC2 under Cloudman. Thanks for the help along the way.

I need to drive the costs down a bit. I'm using an m1.large AMI and it's
costing about $180 - $200 / month. This is about 55% storage and 45%
instance costs. That's peanuts in some senses but for now we need to get it
down so that it comes out of petty cash for the department, while the case
is proven for it's use.

I have a few questions and would appreciate ny insights ..

1. AWS has just released an m1.medium and m1.small instance type, which are
1/2 and 1/4 the cost of m1.large.


I tried the m1.small and m1.medium with the latest Cloudman AMI *
All seemed to install ok, but the Tools took up tp 30 minutes to start
execution on m1.medium, and never started on m1.small.

m1.medium only added about 15% to run times compared with m1.large, can't
say for m1.small. t1.micro does run (and for free in my Free Tier first
year) but blows execution times out by a factor of about 3 which is too

Has anyone tried these new Instance Types ? (m1.small/medium)

2. The vast majority of the storage costs are fro the Gemome databases in
the 700GB /mnt/galaxyIndices, which I don't need. Can this be reduced to
the bare essentials ?

Using m1.small/medium and getting rid of the 700GB would being my costs
down to say $50 / month which is ok.

Thanks !
Greg E

Greg Edwards,
Port Jackson Bioinformatics
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