Dear Jeremy,

On Tue, Mar 20, 2012 at 6:19 PM, Jeremy Goecks <> wrote:
> Leandro,
> refresh_on_change is used quite a bit throughout the tool UI and appears to 
> work fine both on a local instance and on the public instance. E.g. look at 
> Tophat and change settings from 'Use Defaults' to 'Full Parameter List' -- 
> the refresh_on_change works on reload the tool with more parameters.

Maybe we don't understand the feature in the documentation, but this
isn't the refresh_on_change functionality. In the Tophat tool XML
there are no refresh_on_change="true" attributes, you are talking
about a conditional tag which when changing will refresh the page in
order to expose different parts of a form depending on then value
chosen, this is a different use case.

The feature we thought exists from the wiki docs is a utility
refresh_on_change="true" attribute that you can put on any input param
tag which will cause the page to refresh with the changed state when
you change the param. It's supposed to replace the deprecated pages
tags.  Once we started needing to make more complex form logic you
realize that this is not just very useful but necessary.

Here's one example:

   <param type="data" name="dataset" refresh_on_change="true"
label="Select a file from you history" />
   <param type="select" multiple="true" name="dataset_values"
dynamic_options="get_options_from_file(dataset.file_name)" />

If the user changes their selection of data from their history it
should refresh the page and call the dynamic options again to load the
other select menu with the choices from the new file. Currently you
have to do this with repeat or pages tags which is really cumbersome
for the user in the UI or doesn't allow workflowing, respectively.

Does this feature I describe to replace the deprecated pages tags not
exist or just isn't fully implemented yet?


> Some questions that should shed light on your issues:
> *Does the Tophat tool refresh on the main server? If not, this is probably a 
> browser issue.
> *Are you seeing any errors in the Javascript console?
> *Can you be more specific about what problems you're seeing and whether you 
> can reproduce with known tools?
> Thanks,
> J.
> On Mar 20, 2012, at 9:28 AM, Leandro Hermida wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> Sorry to ping again, having the refresh_on_change functionality not
>> working in Galaxy has us making tool forms in ways we really don't
>> want to,
>> no one needs to use refresh_on_change or am I the only one that finds
>> it's broken? We've started to look at what Galaxy is trying to do,
>> seems like you are using jQuery to bind a custom Javascript
>> refresh_on_change function but when you look at that function it
>> doesn't do any form reloading, maybe just the feature is unfinished?
>> sincerely,
>> Leandro
>> On Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 10:34 AM, Leandro Hermida
>> <> wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> Seems like the refresh_on_change functionality is broken in the latest
>>> galaxy-dist.  If you apply it to an input parameter it doesn't seem to
>>> refresh the page when you change the selection of that parameter. Does
>>> anyone else also have the problem?
>>> regards,
>>> Leandro
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