Hi leandro,

We're resurrecting the Galaxy sample tracking system, so you'll be seeing some 
work coming from us in this area over the coming weeks.  Support for the 
components will also be more timely and efficient.  As usual, contributions are 

On Mar 22, 2012, at 8:05 AM, Leandro Hermida wrote:

> Ok just came back to this topic now, realized no this isn't part of
> any API, I will have to make code changes somewhere in the lib/galaxy
> tree right?
> First, how do I know if I'm using the deferred job runner and transfer
> manager method to transfer files from the sequencer? I've set up the
> NGS sample tracking system with an external service config to the
> sequencer storage area everything really in the standard way you would
> set up I would say. What I want to have happen is when the lab people
> click to transfer datasets using the sample tracking UI that

Set the following in your universe_wsgi.ini file - it's currently not in there, 
so add it in the section where the other job setting are defined.

enable_beta_job_managers = True

> Second, could you tell me where the deferred job plugin code file(s)
> are? Then I can make a copy and make the change you mentioned.

Look in ~/lib/galaxy/jobs/deferred

Greg Von Kuster

> Sorry for needing this help,
> Leandro

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