Dear All,

If i browse (outsode of Galaxy) to e.g. , and click on the "Galaxy" links 
on that page, it used to be that the file got uploaded to my section of the 
public Galaxy instance.
This was probably a bug instead of a feature, as currently it doesn't work 

When it did work, it was really handy, and I wondered whether there is a way I 
could get this working in our own instance, as an easy way to get data into our 
Galaxy instance outside of Galaxy.
This would save users copying the URLs of data to the "Upload File" form.

Jan van Haarst
Assistant Researcher Bioinformatics
Wageningen UR, Plant Research International
Applied Bioinformatics
P.O Box 167, 6700 AD, Wageningen, the Netherlands
Wageningen Campus, Building 107, Droevendaalsesteeg 1, 6708 PB, Wageningen, the 

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