Awesome! Also glad to hear your rate of success can be quantified as a 700%
improvement. Amazing! :)


On Wed, Mar 28, 2012 at 2:57 PM, Greg Edwards <> wrote:

> Enis,
> Thanks, your instructions below worked ok and I have reduced my 700GB to 1
> GB.
> No doubt a pile of genome tools don't work now but I don't need them.
> I see this is described in the Wiki as well, but it was more concise
> below, thanks.
> cp -r was fine for copying the remnants of /mnt/galaxyIndices.
> Cheers,
> Greg E
>> 2. The vast majority of the storage costs are fro the Gemome databases in
>>> the 700GB /mnt/galaxyIndices, which I don't need. Can this be reduced to
>>> the bare essentials ?
>> You can do this manually:
>> 1. Start a new Galaxy cluster (ie, one you can easily delete later)
>> 2. ssh into the master instance and delete whatever genomes you don't
>> need/want (these are all located under /mnt/galaxyIndices)
>> 3. Create a new EBS volume of size that'll fit whatever's left on the
>> original volume, attach it and mount it
>> 4. Copy over the data from the original volume to the new one while
>> keeping the directory structure the same (rsync is probably the best tool
>> for this)
>> 5. Unmount & detach the new volume; create a snapshot from it
>> 6. For the cluster you want to keep around (while it is terminated), edit
>> persistent_data.yaml in it's bucket on S3 and replace the existing snap ID
>> for the galaxyIndices with the snapshot ID you got in the previous step
>> 7. Start that cluster and you should have a file system from the new
>> snapshot mounted.
>> 8. Terminate & delete the cluster you created in step 1
>> If you don't want to have to do this the first time around on your custom
>> cluster, you can first try it with another temporary cluster and make sure
>> it all works as expected and then move on to the real cluster.
>> Best,
>> Enis
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