I configured our local galaxy to allow data displaying in the GBrowse
I got this error when  I was trying to display some data from our
galaxy at wormbase GBrowse.

We're sorry!

The web address that you entered is not a functioning page at
WormBase. You may have clicked an expired link or mistyped the

If you think this page SHOULD exist, copy and paste the following
information and send WormBase an email:
Requested URL: 
Server Error: 404
Error Message: page not found

Why not go to the Wormbase Home Page or go back?


Here is the testing data I got from some gbrowse site.
glyph = gene
key   = My Genes

mRNA hox1 Chr1:1..100 Type=UTR
mRNA hox1 Chr1:101..200,300..400,500..800 Type=CDS
mRNA hox1 Chr1:801..1000 Type=UTR

glyph   = segments
bgcolor = green
key     = Mapped Expressed Tags

EST     yk260e10.5      Chr3:15569..15724
EST     yk672a12.5      Chr3:537..618,3187..3294
EST     yk595e6.5       Chr3:552..618

glyph       = heat_map
start_color = yellow
end_color   = blue
min_score   = 0
max_score   = 100
citation    = Bluer exons have higher prediction values
key         = Predicted genes

PRED    "Gene 1"        Chr1:518..616 score=50
PRED    "Gene 1"        Chr1:661..735 score=80
PRED    "Gene 1"        Chr1:3187..3365 score=50
PRED    "Gene 2"        Chr1:16626..17396 score=85
PRED    "Gene 2"        Chr1:17451..17597 score=90

Could anyone please let me know anything I did wrong? Any comments or
suggestion would be absolutely appreciated!


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