I am testing galaxy for wide use, and I have legacy text files that call
algorithms, sorts, and displays.  One such has a tool.xml file with 10
parameters, one select, three integer, and one float, with the rest text
for the moment.  (some will be type="data" later if the runs equate to the
runs we do outside galaxy)

The tool does not show up.  Firefox, emacs and vim all agree that it is
well-formed, and galaxy has been properly bounced.  I experimented with
removing parameters and found with 7 parameters, I did not have the
problem, then I noticed that all of them had been changed to text or select
in my desperation to make it show up for placement on the workflow.  I
returned to 10 parameters, but this time all type="select" and type="text",
and everything worked.  But slipping even one integer, even with the
(optional) min max and default tags, and the tool would disappear on

Am I looking at a bug, or is there something I need to be doing to make
this tool visible with numeric parameters?

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