Dear All,


When I turn on Nginx upload (as below) I get and error: 


Not Found

The resource cannot be found

No route for /data/database/tmp/upload_store


The nginx upload settings for universe.ini are:


# nginx can also handle file uploads (user-to-Galaxy) via

# Configuration for this is complex and explained in detail in the

# documentation linked above.  The upload store is a temporary directory in

# which files uploaded by the upload module will be placed.

nginx_upload_store = True


# This value overrides the action set on the file upload form, e.g. the web

# path where the nginx_upload_module has been configured to intercept upload

# requests.

nginx_upload_path = /data/database/tmp/upload_store


The nginx.conf settings are: 


location /_upload {

            upload_store /data/database/tmp/upload_store;

            upload_pass_form_field "";

            upload_set_form_field "__${upload_field_name}__is_composite"

            upload_set_form_field "__${upload_field_name}__keys" "name

            upload_set_form_field "${upload_field_name}_name"

            upload_set_form_field "${upload_field_name}_path"

            upload_pass_args on;

            upload_pass /_upload_done;


        location /_upload_done {

            set $dst /tool_runner/index;

            if ($args ~ nginx_redir=([^&]+)) {

                set $dst $1;


            rewrite "" $dst;




If I comment out the 2 universe.ini settings above then the upload works


I would appreciate any suggestions,


Yours Bart.


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