Hi everyone. I'm trying to use a <param type="select" display="checkboxes" 
multiple="true"> in a tool, but galaxy doesn't seem to work correctly if I 
"unselect all".

This is what I have:

    <param name="test" type="select" display="checkboxes" multiple="true" 
label="A test">
      <option value="a" selected="true">A</option>
      <option value="b" selected="true">B</option>
      <option value="c">C</option>

If I "unselect all", execute the tool, and then try to re-run the tool by 
examining the output dataset, parameter A and B are selected, but they 
shouldn't! When the history is converted to a workflow this breaks the intent 
of the user!

Second problem: how do I test for single values in the <command> template?
Right now I'm (wrongly?) doing:

  #if 'a' in $test.value:
  #end if

but it breaks badly when all values are unselected ("$test.value" does not 
exist, and thus cheetah fails to compile the template).

My solution would be:

  #set $foo = str($test).split(',')
  #if 'a' in $foo:
  #end if

but this is _incredibly_ ugly. When I use a multi-select, I often want to see 
if there's some single parameter in it. Any suggestions?

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