Great work with the Galaxy on the Cloud - it's the first time I've used it and 
it looks very impressive (and I'm not a big cloud fan :) ).

Once I got it working it was very nice, but before it worked I encountered two 
issues (not sure if those were voodoo or not) that could be perhaps documented 
in the Wiki (under "troubleshooting"?):

1. the "User Data" is sensitive to trailing white-space, or senstive to 
copy&paste in the edit box.

I accidentally had:
  access_key: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX<space><space>
and it seems it completely prevent the Cloudman from starting.
when the stared, I couldn't connect to it with a web-browser.
I logged on using SSH, and saw that there was nothing running/listening on port 
80 (no nginx, no python).
Not sure exactly why it happened, but it did.
removing white-space (and also saving the user-data to a file instead of 
pasting it directly in the editbox) solved the problem.

2. If the "user-data" password is all numeric, there's no way to login to the 
I suspect the reason is that an all numeric password is treated as a number, 
not a string.
Then, the log shows:

$ cat /opt/galaxy/pkg/ec2autorun.py.log
[DEBUG] ec2autorun:337 2012-04-13 20:22:50,983: Composed user data: 
{'access_key': 'XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX', 'cloudman_home': '/mnt/cm', 
'cluster_name': 'galaxy-TGAC-workshop', 'bucket_default': 'cloudman', 'role': 
'master', 'bucket_cluster': 'cm-169ca4be88c386ce8ec3078d69a6dc3a', 
'boot_script_path': '/tmp/cm', 'boot_script_name': 'cm_boot.py', 'secret_key': 
'XXXXXXXXXXXXX', 'password': 12345678}

you'll notice that the password key is a numeric value, not a string - and 
login wasn't possible (perhaps it was voodoo and I'm wrong in my guess, but 
once I changed it to alphanumeric password, with the same user data settings, 
it workd).


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