Hi Amanda,

> I've recently been trying to implement a local instance of the tool
> shed, and have followed the tutorials on the wiki, but when I run sh
> run_community.sh, it doesn't do anything. I have mercurial installed,
> so that shouldn't be a problem, and I've used the example
> community_wsgi.ini and run_community.sh. I can pastebin what I have if
> it would help. Thank you in advance.

Greg will probably have this fixed by the time I reply, but I had a similar 
problem, which resulted from me minsunderstanding or missing what had to be 
configured in the toolshed ini file. From my notes, set these vars, in a 
similar manner to the main Galaxy:

- port & host: should be set to where you want the toolshed to be available from

- database_file: use this is if you want to use the sqlite3 db. I had some 
problems with this, which were eventually solved by setting the path correctly 
for insertion in an sqlite protocol string (e.g. /database/community.sqlite for 
a relative path that puts the file in the database folder)

- file_path: again, had some problems with this, which were solved by creating 
the directory for the file (e.g. <galaxy inst>/database/community_files) 

- admin_users: like the main Galaxy installation, for setting the admins

Paul Agapow (paul-michael.aga...@hpa.org.uk)
Bioinformatics, Health Protection Agency

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