How do you connect existing EBS volumes to a fresh EC2 instance on Amazon?

I have been starting the EC2 instance and choosing "test cluster" where the
option to use EBS volume space is given (when the Galaxy cloud console
starts up), since there is no place to insert my EBS volume address. This
leads to Galaxy starting one 15 GB EBS volume (the other two, 10 Gb and 700
Gb, EBS volumes are not started) and I then manually tell my desired EBS
volume to connect to the fresh EC2 instance. The EBS volume says it is
attached to the EC2 instance, but the Galaxy cloud console shows no linkage
to any "data" (in the service status row) and the disk status is "0 \ 0

Help would greatly be appreciated.

Mo Heydarian

PhD candidate
The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Department of Biological Chemistry
725 Wolfe Street
414 Hunterian
Baltimore, MD 21205
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