Dear all,

We have our own galaxy instance and the idea is to have trackster enabled for 
users to be able to visualize NGS mapping. We were able to configure trackster 
in our instance and the visualization works fine. 

We have two questions regarding trackster:
1) We can't display genomic sequences in trackster. As per the tutorial, we set 
the location of the .2bit file in the twobit.loc file for the trackster to be 
able to display the genomic sequence but for some reason it doesn't display it. 
The name of the builds is the same in all places i.e) in ucsc/chrom/builds.txt 
and also in the .loc files. Any ideas on what else should be done?

2) While saving the visualization, there is always an error message saying 
"could not save visualization" and it doesn't seem to be a web browser issue. 
How do we then save the visualization?

Thanks in advance,

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