To update our problems from the other day, it appears like there were multiple 
issues, at least one of which involved the postgres sequences. There were 
already id values in several tables that matched those that were being assigned 
by the sequence, creating errors involving duplicate keys. Offsetting the next 
assigned value of the sequences +1 seems to have fixed at least some of these 



David O'Connor
ph: 608-301-5710

On Wednesday, April 18, 2012 at 11:42 AM, Jeremy Goecks wrote:

> > > % sh ( downgrade 92
> > > % sh ( upgrade
> > > 
> > > 
> > > 
> > 
> > The downgrade to 92 and upgrade created job.params.  
> > 
> This is progress. You should be able to run jobs again, yes?
> > Unfortunately, we are still getting errors about duplicate key values. The 
> > debug output when I try to export a history to a file is shown below my 
> > signature. Is there anything that was updated recently that would change 
> > primary keys?
> Primary keys are handled by SQLAlchemy, not Galaxy, so that's not the 
> problem. I would guess the issue arose due to the missing 'params' column in 
> job. This can likely be fixed by deleting all the rows in the 
> job_history_export_table:
> DELETE FROM job_export_history_archive;
> The only downside to this operation is that existing history archives won't 
> be found and will have to be recreated.
> Best,
> J.

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