On Fri, Apr 20, 2012 at 4:12 PM, Brad Chapman <chapm...@50mail.com> wrote:
> Peter and Lance;
>> I've made the update to Brad's script from the Tool Shed (attached),
>> switching to using genomeCoverageBed and bedGraphToBigWig
>> (based on the approach used in Lance's script), although in doing so
>> I dropped the region support (which wasn't exposed to the Galaxy
>> interface anyway). Since genomeCoverageBed doesn't support this
>> directly, we could use samtools view for this I think - if you want this
>> functionality.
> Awesome, thanks for doing this so quickly. Leaving out the region
> support for now is fine with me.
> I gave both of you write access to that repo on the Toolshed so feel
> free to check in and edit away. Thanks again for tackling this,
> Brad

Lovely. I propose to initially update the Python script as described,
with minor changes to the XML to add the new option and change
the dependencies.

After that we should probably talk about merging the changes
already committed on your github repo (normalization).

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