Hi Shaun,

I opened a ticket at bitbucket to track the progress of this request. If there is any more information, an updated email will be sent out from the team.


I am going to mention the current batch options, for others reading:

1 - Options -> Show Deleted Datasets or Show Hidden Datasets
2 - Click on the "x" for each to do the initial delete
3 - Options -> Purge Deleted Datasets


4 - Options -> Clone as "Clone only items that are not deleted"
               (leave rest behind on the old history in one step)

Great suggestion,

Galaxy team

On 4/24/12 3:58 AM, SHAUN WEBB wrote:
add capability to delete multiple datasets at once, similar to the copy
datasets interface in the history options menu.

If I am running workflows and want to delete all the created datasets
(during testing or if I've used the wrong parameters etc) it is quite
tedious to delete each individual dataset. It would be useful to see and
delete any hidden datasets in a similar fashion.


Jennifer Jackson
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