Hi everyone,

I'm (still) having issues with running jobs as the real user on our PBS Pro cluster. When I try running a job, it ends up in error state and displays the following error message:

touch: cannot touch `/home/galaxy/.drmaa/9167860.pbs-master2.embl.de.started': 
Permission denied
/g/funcgen/galaxy-dev/database/pbs/galaxy_1516.sh: line 15: syntax error: 
unexpected end of file
/var/spool/PBS/mom_priv/jobs/9167860.pbs-master2.embl.de.SC: line 1: 
/home/galaxy/.drmaa/9167860.pbs-master2.embl.de.exitcode: Permission denied

I suspect this is due to some code executed as the real user (since the permission is denied) but then why looking at /home/galaxy instead of /home/realuser ?

If you have any idea about what's going on, please share, I'll be forever grateful!

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