I was running a single instance of galaxy on my own machine, playing with
library_import and figuring why BAM files were getting errors on upload.
(It is a path matter, when one drops into the subshell and the workaround

ln -s /usr/bin/samtools /home/galaxy/bin/samtools


Anyway, I seemed to have it figured last eve so I shut down the notebook
where galaxy was running (on RHEL6) and went home.  This am when I started
galaxy with sh run.sh I got some messages about egg,ini and replacing
universe_wsgi. files from universe_wsgi.sample. files and nothing worked.
My registration was gone.  My admin_user was overwritten.  I re-registered,
and restored the file settings and restarted galaxy, but now no login
sticks.  It does not complain about a registered user, but it does not
appear to hold the session--the user tab does not show me as logged in.  Is
there some different way it is handling cookies?

Michael Moore
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