Hello all,

I'm looking at 'basic' composite datatypes in Galaxy, based on how
Edward did BLAST databases in his BLAST+ fork on the toolshed.
I've extended his work to handle both protein and nucleotide databases,
and have got this working for tools to create a database (i.e. wrapped
makeblastdb) and use a database from the history (e.g. blastp tool).
That side of things seems to be working OK.

What I am not quite understanding is how to modify the behaviour of
these datatypes in the galaxy GUI. Thinks like the peek contents
and what happens when clicking on the "eye" icon are not explained
here: http://wiki.g2.bx.psu.edu/Admin/Datatypes/Composite%20Datatypes

What I have in mind is to show a simple text summary as the peek
or 'eye' display view giving the database name and size (perhaps
captured when the database is created, or on the fly via the
blastdbcmd command).

It seems one option would be to use an 'auto_primary_file' composite
instead of 'basic'? Then I can use the generate_primary_file method
to show some text?

Have I overlooked some documentation?


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