It seems like GATK authors at Broad really really want you to phone
home every time you use their software. I'm getting this error while
running the lastest version:
"ERROR MESSAGE: Running with the -et NO_ET or -et STDOUT option
requires a GATK Key file. Please see for more
information and instructions on how to obtain a key."

>From the Phone_home wiki page:
"How to Obtain a GATK Key
To obtain a GATK key, email with the
subject line GATK Key Request. In your email, please provide us with
the reason(s) you need to run the GATK with the phone-home feature
disabled. Please be as explicit as possible about why you cannot
participate in the phone home feature. Note that the key you will be
issued is linked to the email address you used to contact us."

In general I don't have an issue with phone home features from
software providers I trust, and I do completely trust The Broad
Institute. Although, this does sound a little draconian how is being

Nevertheless, I would like to ask for an easier way to deactivate the
use of "-et NO_ET" on Galaxy GATK's wrappers. Right now I'm manually
commenting the relevant line, but I think this means my mercurial
repository won't get any update from upstream, or that I will have to
deal with merging.

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