And the saga continues. For those who came in late - I've installed a local 
toolshed, which allows me to create repositories, but every time  I attempt to 
upload files, it errors out with "TypeError: array item must be char". Working 
off the latest Galaxy bleeding edge copy has failed to fix this. Things I've 
looked at:

- Initial os was CentOS (4?), Mercurial 2.1.2, Python 2.6.4, with sqlite. Also 
tried with Ubuntu 10.04, Python 2.7.
- The Mercurial and Python I used was is local to the account I was working in, 
so maybe the toolshed was getting confused with another version. Nope - there's 
no hg on the system. Galaxy seems to be calling the right Python (libraries)
- This happens with plain text and binary files. I haven't attempted to upload 
an archive yet
- Figured there could still be something peculiar to my environment, so 
installed Galaxy on a fresh server I had elsewhere (the Ubuntu one listed 
above). Nope - exactly the same error.
- As there are some reported issues of Windows file names with Unicode under 
Mercurial, and I'm uploading from a Windows machine, I used a Mac to create a 
repo and add a file. Nope, same behaviour.
-  Further investigations reveal that the files appear to be in the repo 
(database/community_files). The error occurs in the middle of Mercurial, in where it attempts to coerce a Unicode string into a character 
array. The Cistrome galaxy fork 
 mentions occasional similar errors.
- Wondered if it was specific to my db setup. Used Postgres instead, same 
- The only changes I make to community_wsgi.ini are setting the host and port, 
setting the database details, and setting the admin user

Frankly, I'm fresh out of inspiration. There must be something I'm consistently 
doing (or not doing). Any suggestions - or wild-ass guesses - where to look 

Paul Agapow (
Bioinformatics, Health Protection Agency

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