The Extract GFF Features doesn't use dynamic options and I don't think that's 
really the question here.

Let me give an example of something that I do. I have the user select a file 
after which I, using dynamic_options, extract the column names and present 
those to the user with a select input parameter. With the selected column name 
I then present a new select input parameter with all the unique values of the 
selected column.

To get this to work I am now using three pages since it is really dynamic, thus 
after each parameter (that uses dynamic_options) I need to make a new page to 
use the selected item, thus:

          <param name="input_dataset" type="data" format="tabular, txt" 
label="Input dataset" />
          <param name="colfilter" type="select" multiple="False" label="Select 
Filtering Column"
                 dynamic_options="get_columns( input_dataset )" />
          <param name="filter_values" type="select" multiple="True" 
label="Select Filtering Values"
                 dynamic_options="get_filter( input_dataset, colfilter, 2 )" />

This works fine, however it requires three pages which is deprecated. The 
documentation says 'use refresh_on_change' which is an undocumented feature 
(please (please!!) fix this!) with no examples anywhere on how to replace 
common <page> usage. So given above example (which is similar to what the 
original requester asked), where to place the refresh_on_change option to get 
it working?
I've of course tried to place it within both dynamic_option parameters but this 
doesn't update the 'filter_values' parameter depending on the 'colfilter' 

Kind regards,


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A final pointer: to see tools that use dynamic options, take a look at "Extract 
GFF features" and "Filter GFF dataset by feature count"

Good luck,
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