Dear Galaxy Community,

The May 11, 2012 Galaxy Distribution has been released at:

Complete News Brief <>


* *EMBOSS* tools and datatypes have now moved from the _/Galaxy distribution/_ <> to the /Galaxy Main Tool Shed/ <>.

* Tool Integration Tests <>, Custom Tool Panel Configuration <>, and Configurable Tool Output Locations <>.

* Improved Multiprocess Job Handling <> and Enhanced OpenID <> Support.

* GATK <> version 1.4, FreeBayes <>, Updated *Megablast* using NCBI BLAST+ <>, Trinity <>, WormBase 2 <>, and IGB <> external display.

* Trackster <> upgrades include /strand coloring/, /interval datatype support/, and /tabix indexing/ (fast!!).

* Updated *User Interface*, *Workflow-API* upgrades, and *Custom UCSC Display*.


*new*:              % hg clone galaxy-dist
*upgrade*:     % hg pull -u -r 17d57db9a7c0

/Thanks for using Galaxy!/

Jennifer Jackson
Galaxy Team <>
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