Hi, Galaxy Developers,

I sent an email to this list earlier this week regarding an issue I
was having with the 'schedule jobs as user' functionality of Galaxy.
I am taking a closer look at the documentation on this configuration
option, and based on my reading, this feature is only supported with
DRMAA (and not PBS).  Based on my reading of the cluster URL in the
galaxy documentation
(http://wiki.g2.bx.psu.edu/Admin/Config/Performance/Cluster), it is my
understanding that galaxy must use PBS to interact with TORQUE; the
documentation specifically states "although for legacy reasons,
pbs_python is used for TORQUE".  Does this mean that I am not able to
use the schedule jobs as user functionality of galaxy with TORQUE?  Is
DRMAA not supported with TORQUE at all for Galaxy?

Dan Sullivan
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