Hi all,

Up until today I was happily using the following to produce the
options for a Galaxy tool of mine based on a daily updated remote

<code file="select_taxa.py"/>
<param name="genomes" type="select" display="checkboxes"
multiple="true" optional="true" force_select="false"
label="Choose Genomes" dynamic_options="get_complete_genomes()">

The get_complete_genomes() call returns and iterator with tuples of
("Label", "Value", False), which are shown to the user. Previously,
any HTML tags I added in "Label" were correctly rendered in the
browser. However, since updating Galaxy to the latest distribution
this morning, my HTML tags now are escaped which shows the tags to the
user rather than changing the rendering. Rendering the HTML tags was
crucial to retain readability in a tree with over 2000 options, so I
would like to enable it again (disable escaping) in my local

How can I disable escaping HTML tags in my param.dynamic_options?

Thanks in advance,

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