All of a sudden I am getting these errors when I submit a job in my Galaxy system.

I can't recall I changed anything and I checked the universe file but nothing obvious there...

Any ideas?



galaxy.jobs.runners.drmaa ERROR 2012-05-29 09:40:46,873 Uncaught exception queueing job
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/tdeboer/code/galaxy-central/lib/galaxy/jobs/runners/drmaa.py", line 133, in run_next
    self.queue_job( obj )
  File "/home/tdeboer/code/galaxy-central/lib/galaxy/jobs/runners/drmaa.py", line 213, in queue_job
    job_id = self.ds.runJob(jt)
  File "/home/tdeboer/code/galaxy-central/eggs/drmaa-0.4b3-py2.6.egg/drmaa/__init__.py", line 331, in runJob
    _h.c(_w.drmaa_run_job, jid, _ct.sizeof(jid), jobTemplate)
  File "/home/tdeboer/code/galaxy-central/eggs/drmaa-0.4b3-py2.6.egg/drmaa/helpers.py", line 213, in c
    return f(*(args + (error_buffer, sizeof(error_buffer))))
  File "/home/tdeboer/code/galaxy-central/eggs/drmaa-0.4b3-py2.6.egg/drmaa/errors.py", line 90, in error_check
    raise _ERRORS[code-1]("code %s: %s" % (code, error_buffer.value))
DeniedByDrmException: code 17: ERROR! invalid option argument "----"

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