Greetings Galaxy Devs!

I've been doing a fair amount of poking around in the forums and on the wiki 
but haven't found a satisfying answer to my query...

Has anyone come up with a workable solution to run jobs from a local 
installation of galaxy on a campus cluster or on XSEDE/TeraGrid?  While it 
might be possible for us (though probably a headache) to install galaxy on one 
of the head nodes on campus, it seems very unlikely for me to be able to do 
this on something like this on a resource such as blacklight.  

It seems that over the years past there have been a few mentions different 
strategies taken to accomplish something like this, but the details on this 
seem scarce.  If this is something that someone on the list has worked out, 
does anyone have time to describe their setup in more detail?  

More generally, are there plans in the Galaxy roadmap to include this as a 
potential feature in future releases?  It seems that many small labs like ours 
would find this feature quite useful.

Appreciative of any help you might be able to provide-- keep up the great work 
Galaxy developers!
Jason Gallant, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Department of Biology
BRB 224, 5 Cummington Street
Boston University
Boston, MA 02215

Lab: 617-358-4590
Office: 617-358-3291

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