Hi folks,

Some of our local Galaxy instance users seem to be experiencing some 
strange behaviour lately.  I searched the mailing-list archive but I 
didn't found anything related, so I'd be interested to know if somebody 
already had the same issue.

The problem is that sometimes, when people are trying to download their 
datasets from their history, although the file seems to download 
successfully, it appears that the downloaded file is incomplete (for 
example a 3000 lines text file will show only maybe 2000 lines at the 
first download, 1600 lines at the second download, and so on... and 
eventually, the file will download completely.

This issue happened with more than one user and with different tools.

Does anybody ever had this kind of issue?  Or does somebody would have an 
idea of where to look to solve this problem?

Best regards,
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