Hi Everyone,

I am helping a research group to use Galaxy on our clusters. Unfortunately I 
have no previous experience with Galaxy, but learning along the way. We are 
almost there, but cannot figure out one particular issue. This is about 
configuration of Galaxy, so I thought developers list is a better place to 
submit than the user list.

The galaxy web interface allows for either copy/paste of text, or a URL. 
Unfortunately we cannot setup a FTP server as instructed due to restrictions on 
the cluster. The files we are trying to upload are large; around 2GB in size. 
It does not make sense to upload these files to a remote location (which we can 
provide an URL for) and download them back, since the data and galaxy are on 
the same system. However, I could not find a way to open these files locally. 

I did some reading, and hoped that "library_import_dir" in "universe_wsgi.ini" 
would do the trick, but it didn't. Therefore, I will really appreciate any 

Thanks a lot in advance!


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